What We Do

What is “forensic psychology”?

Forensic psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology and is rapidly developing as a specialty area in the area of mental health practice. Specialty organizations include: American Psychology Law Society (AP-LS), Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), National Organization of Forensic Social Work (NOFSW). The goal of forensic psychology and forensic mental health services is to provide scientifically and psychologically informed data to the application of legal matters. Forensic Psychologists, Forensic Social Workers and licensed mental health professionals who bring scientific data and expertise to matters of legal dispute practice in a number of areas that can benefit judges, attorneys, courts, and triers of fact. At Tulsa Forensic Services we have experience providing expertise to both civil (e.g., personal injury suits, workers compensation, civil commitment, child custody determination) and criminal (e.g., competency to stand trial) matters.

How Tulsa Forensic Services can assist your legal practice :

If you are an attorney, judge, guardian ad litem, parenting coordinator, or are involved in any aspect of legal decision-making or determinations for placements, many triers of fact find it useful to rely on expert witnesses and expert evaluations to shed light on the complexities of civil and criminal cases. We can assist by conducting impartial and objective psychological and psychosocial assessments and will provide feedback in useful ways for the trier of fact or individual attorney. Additionally, our experts at Tulsa Forensic Services can provide case consultation to an attorney about mental health related topics. Our services can also be obtained to provide professional opinion and case review as well.

How Tulsa Forensic Services can assist your workplace:

Many churches, schools, organizations, and employers find it useful to conduct pre-hiring screenings of potential employees. This is especially important for hiring positions that require trust and responsibility and when the employee represents your organization’s reputation. At Tulsa Forensic Services, we have helped many employers feel more secure about their potential hires by conducting psychological and psychosocial testing. We provide employers with a report (verbal and/or written) highlighting potential problem areas, areas of healthy functioning, and recommendations for how potential employees can address areas of concern in their lives.

How Tulsa Forensic Services can help you as an individual:

Individuals may seek evaluation services for a number of reasons, including: desire to communicate findings of strengths/weaknesses to employers, qualify for ADA accommodations, seek objective data regarding capacity after an injury, gain admittance into group homes, seek understanding of mental health issues, adoption screenings, etc. At Tulsa Forensic Services, we have conducted hundreds of psychological and psychosocial evaluations for individuals who need to report data to many different entities (such as: military, federal, churches, worker’s compensation, schools).